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Commercial, Cars, Sports Utility, Marine, Residential, Racing Stripes, Trucks, and anything that's glass!!
Feeling like your driving around the same old car?
Is the morning sun or on-coming head lights bothering your eyes?
Are your energy bills in your home climbing during the dog days of summer?
Maybe your tint has turned purple, bubbled up and looks embarrassing?
Let me help you out! You can look down below in my brief description of how I can help you with racing stripes, tinting your home, automobile, business, boat, you name it I can tint it. You can also find albums above of my work. Thank you for visiting my site and let me know how I can help you.

Reasons for tinting your Car/ Truck:
Tinting your car can add to its overall look and esthetics, however, there are more important reasons. Have you ever thought about reducing the head-light glare from the cars behind you or on coming traffic? How a sun strip to reduce the morning and evening sun? Not only can we help you with those problems but we can also offer tint that protects your personal belongings and reduces the inside temperature of your car after sitting in the summer heat. Check out our Cars/ Trucks for samples at the top of this page.
- 99% UV Protection
- 80% (percentage of light passing through), 40%, 35%, 20%, 15%, 7%, 5%
- Driver Passenger Specials, Sun Strips Specials, Windshield Special, Whole Car Special

Reasons for Tinting your Home or Business:
Tinting your home and business can offer many economical advantages. LLumar tint can reduce energy bills, protect your personal or commercial property and even provides safety against wind damage. A simple tint job can put money back in your pocket. LLumar is backed by the Skin Cancer Foundation as well as Energy Star. Check out our Commercial and Residential album at the top of this page.
- Hurricane Security Film
- 85% Blockage of Heat
- Energy Bills
- 99% UV Protection
- Privacy
- 40%, 35%, 20%, 15%, 7% - Bronze, Gray, Silver,  Smoke colors, etc.

Racing Stripes/ Heavy Equipment/ Marine:
Spend all day in the sun running Heavy Equipment, looking to cool down your summer boating experience or simply looking change up your ride? Check out our Racing Stripes, Boat and Heavy Equ. album for some ideas and let me know how I can help you!

If you see your car, truck, home, business, etc. please feel free to leave a comment about your tinting experience. If you would like your tint job done by East Coast Tint, LLC uploaded to the site please send me a picture and we would love to add it.

Call 910-575-7040 for a FREE quote! If you want it done right, Call Wendy Wright! (Yes its cheesy:)

LLumar products 100% Lifetime guaranteed.

 East Coast Tint is owned and family operated since 1994.

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